Kingdom Women

The hemiplegic body of Christ

When I worked as a doctor, there was a diagnosis I never liked to make. “Hemiplegic” is the medical term used to describe paralysis down one side of the body that occurs, for example, after a stroke. If the condition was severe, it was potentially a devastating diagnosis for the person involved, who had to… Read More

Church planting

Ten positive signs of God at work in the church

God is at work across the nations, and I see many positive signs that he is at work here in the West too. Here’s a little of what I see going on currently (in no particular order of priority): People understand the importance of listening to God and doing what he says. ┬áThe prayer movement… Read More

Church planting Leadership

How do apostles and prophets work together?

The church is built on the foundations of the apostles and prophets (Ephesians 2:20). How do they work together? Neil Cole says prophets see the destination; apostles develop the route to get there. Prophets hear from God. They are visionaries who see what God is doing.  They often receive divine intelligence that informs the strategy… Read More