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Ten positive signs of God at work in the church

God is at work across the nations, and I see many positive signs that he is at work here in the West too. Here’s a little of what I see going on currently (in no particular order of priority):
  1. People understand the importance of listening to God and doing what he says.  The prayer movement and 24/7 prayer has an impact.
  2. Many churches are becoming more missional rather than attractional. Luke 10 principles are being applied by many across the church spectrum. Legacy churches are starting missional communities. Simple/organic churches are using these principles to produce daughter and grand-daughter churches.
  3. Churches are engaging in their communities with a resultant impact for the Kingdom.
  4. We’ve rediscovered some of the principles that result in multiplication rather than addition at every level. Simplicity and reproducibility are key.
  5. Discipleship that reproduces more disciples (rather than conversions) is of increasing value.
  6. There’s a blurring of distinctives between groups of people–charismatic/non-charismatic, organic/legacy, clergy/laity.
  7. Women have an increasingly equal and valued role.
  8. Legacy churches and simple/organic churches are working together with a focus on the Kingdom of God. Who knows what might happen if nobody minds who gets the credit.
  9. The separation of sacred and secular is waning. Ordinary work and its potential to be of impact for the Kingdom is valued. Church is happening in the workplace.
  10. God is working in supernatural ways; we are seeing miracles, healings and deliverances.
  11. God is raising up apostolic and prophetic leaders who serve from the foundations rather than rule from the rooftops. He is giving them his strategies and plans for their areas.
  12. We recognize that God is working in other parts of the world  and we’re willing to learn from other nations.

What am I missing?

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What a great list, and how thought-provoking it is. Here are a few quick comments.
1. Some people are learning to listen and obey, but there’s plenty of room for us all to grow in this regard.
6, 7, 8. Isn’t this great news! I see some strong evidence of this in the UK – but it’s far from universal. Very, very welcome changes.
9. It still seems, here in Britain, that people of faith are being marginalised and legislated against. I hope we’ll see a Jesus-like response. We need to bless those around us, not criticise and certainly not complain about being marginalised.
Thanks for pulling this list together and sharing it, Felicity. I hope anyone who can add to it will comment with suggestions. Seems pretty complete to me though.

Chris, I was recently chatting with a mutual friend who was telling me that there are more signs of life in the UK than she has ever seen before–at least as it refers to simple/organic church. People are appearing from nowhere and finding each other. I suspect you are in for an exciting ride.

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