Does prayer make a difference? (Part 2)

Sometimes it takes a story to help us realize just how much of a difference prayer makes. We have friends in India who picked two villages to visit. One of the villages they prayed for and the other they did not. When they later went in to proclaim the good news of Jesus, the village… Read More

Does prayer make a difference? (Part 1)

A number of years ago, an experiment was performed by a church in Phoenix, Arizona. They randomly selected 160 names from the local phone book and divided them into two, 80 in each group. The first group was prayed for daily by their team of intercessors. The second group was not prayed for. After 90 days,… Read More

Praying the price (part 2)

Are we praying the price? David Watson, who wrote the book Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery,  once asked his top 100 church planters–those who were starting at least 20 churches per year–a series of questions to find out the common elements among them. They found many similar factors, but there was… Read More

How to catch a virus

There’s a virus that going around the world. It’s a dangerous virus that could change your life. Unlike most other viruses, I hope you catch it. This virus is the 10:2b virus. It comes from Luke 10 and verse 2. These were his instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So… Read More

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You are a house of prayer: Guest post by Jared White

Some time ago, Jared White wrote a comprehensive and detailed review of  The Black Swan Effect: A Response to Gender Hierarchy in the Church. I was amazed and blessed at the amount of work he put into it–it might easily be the best review I’ve seen. Since that time, he and I have corresponded over various… Read More

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When Jesus “in-thunders”

[First of all, an apology to many of you who have made comments to other posts on my blog. The last few weeks have been crazy with the launch of The Black Swan Effect: A Response to Gender Hierarchy in the Church and I’ve just not had time to respond as I usually would.] The other… Read More

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Feet and forks, knees and mouth

As a former physician, I still maintain an interest in health. I recently read an article (I think it was probably by or about Dr. David Katz who is an authority on preventive medicine), stating we can reduce our lifetime risk of all chronic diseases by 80 percent with our feet, forks and fingers. That… Read More

Women and the harvest

According to Jesus, if there’s a lack of harvest, it’s not because the harvest is especially difficult, it’s due to lack of workers. The harvest is great but the laborers are few. (Luke 10:2) Jesus’ solution? We pray for workers for the harvest. These workers are not only existing Christians, but also those who don’t… Read More

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A story: Child of Promise

It seems that wherever we turn at present, God is doing amazing things. Yesterday we held a baby shower: here’s the story behind it. Shama is a new Christian from a Hindu background. She and her husband had been trying for a baby for several years, but with no success. When they finally consulted an… Read More

Spiritual warfare prevents an epidemic: a story

Mozambique, in the year 2000.  Photo Credit: babasteve (Creative Commons) Half the country is under water because of massive flooding. We are working with Rolland and Heidi Baker doing medical relief work. (Tony and Rolland went to school together, so when news of the floods come, it’s a natural reaction to go help.) A team… Read More