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Feet and forks, knees and mouth

As a former physician, I still maintain an interest in health. I recently read an article (I think it was probably by or about Dr. David Katz who is an authority on preventive medicine), stating we can reduce our lifetime risk of all chronic diseases by 80 percent with our feet, forks and fingers. That is, if we will exercise, eat right and not smoke.

What would be the equivalent of feet and forks in terms of seeing the moves of God that we long for? Just as with disease prevention, doesn’t it come down to the basics? How about knees and mouth? That is, prayer and telling our stories and Jesus’ story?

Feet and forks really only work if we take are intentional about using them. We have to make an effort to exercise, a decision to eat right. Just as preventive medicine only works if lifestyle choices become ongoing habits, I suspect that one-off prayers and witnessing occasionally, while good in themselves, will not produce the results we long for. However, a lifestyle composed of prayer, and deliberately going out of our way to share our faith with others will produce more fruit than just sitting around and hoping it will happen.

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The most basic function a Christian must accomplish is hearing the Word of God. Everything else stems from that because, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

Ceaseless prayers and witnessing stem from our faith which, again, is entirely built through hearing the Word.

The Word of God then is the root by which all growth occurs. Nothing can or should precede it.

And Jesus is the Word (John 1). So, we just need to listen — really listen! — and do what Jesus tells us to do. I have only recently started to do this intentionally and proactively, and my life has been completely transformed. Father God is so good, and Jesus is everything to me!

I agree with you that the Word of God is foundational to our Christian lives, and our experience is that if we will bring non-believers under the influence of the Word, it is very common that they soon become followers of Jesus. However, I’m also familiar with many cultures where people either cannot read or do not have access to a Bible, and the Gospel often spreads even faster in those nations.

Yes absolutely ..with us under gods life governing us I don’t see how we could not talk to our daddy and his loving life will be flowing out of us.

Encouraged! In my experience, I don’t hear this kind of talk enough! I’ve struggle to be dignified when folks tell me they struggle to share their faith, and have a weak prayer life…
Jesus is alive an in us why wouldn’t we want to share him with others and have them experience how good he is?
Just saying…

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