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The hemiplegic body of Christ

When I worked as a doctor, there was a diagnosis I never liked to make. “Hemiplegic” is the medical term used to describe paralysis down one side of the body that occurs, for example, after a stroke. If the condition was severe, it was potentially a devastating diagnosis for the person involved, who had to… Read More

A lesson from my days as a physician: What are we building?

Are we building our own luxurious houses or are we building God’s Kingdom? (Haggai 1) Are we more interested in holding a correct theological and ecclesiological position, or is our concern for the unity of the body of Christ? Do we believe that our way of being church is the right way and that everyone… Read More

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Guest post by Chris Jefferies: presence and power

Chris Jefferies lives in the UK. He trained as a biologist but ended up working in IT. His blog can be found here. When we were in the UK recently, we had long conversations with Chris about what it would take to see the power and presence of Christ that we knew back in the… Read More