Kingdom Women

To all the ladies: forgive us (Brandon Chase)

This last weekend, we had a round table in Dallas based on our book, The Black Swan Effect.¬†It was an extraordinary time, with a sometimes overwhelming sense of the Lord’s presence. God spoke to us clearly. The climax of the day was a powerful time of ministry led by Brandon Chase, where on behalf of… Read More

Simple/organic church

Embracing diversity

It is said that truth has two wings. There is great ¬†diversity in the simple/organic church movement–we come from every theological and ecclesiological background. As we embrace our differences, rather than being separated by them, the effect is synergistic–we become stronger. We can win an argument at the expense of losing our friend–it’s not worth… Read More

Kingdom Life

A new wave of the Spirit–six of your ideas

The God of history is at work in his church, revealing fresh (old) truths in order to make us more like his Son. In the last post, which was about the different waves that God’s Spirit has revealed over the last few centuries, I asked for suggestions as to what God is doing now, in… Read More

A lesson from my days as a physician: What are we building?

Are we building our own luxurious houses or are we building God’s Kingdom? (Haggai 1) Are we more interested in holding a correct theological and ecclesiological position, or is our concern for the unity of the body of Christ? Do we believe that our way of being church is the right way and that everyone… Read More