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A new wave of the Spirit–six of your ideas

The God of history is at work in his church, revealing fresh (old) truths in order to make us more like his Son.

In the last post, which was about the different waves that God’s Spirit has revealed over the last few centuries, I asked for suggestions as to what God is doing now, in this century. My idea is that one of the things God is doing is to lead his people into the harvest as they learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey him.

There were some wonderful comments in response, many of which had a common theme. Here are six of your ideas as to what this century will bring:

  1. A fresh wave of understanding and fruitfulness regarding how the Body of Christ in designed by God to function. Specifically, Ephesians 4:11 gifts (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers) will inform new paradigms for discerning both personal calling and corporate mission. Whereas before our gift differences led to polarization, they will now be appreciated as unifying assets. (James Paul)
  2. Growth in holiness: I think we’re going to see a people who are not only set apart to serve the Lord, but increasingly KNOW that they’re set apart to serve him. This is what it means to be a priesthood. If we are also characterized by obedience to the King (1 – Led by the Spirit) then we will be a royal priesthood, a holy nation! (Chris Jefferies)
  3. Next generation christians will identify more with fruit rather than gifts and character qualities rather than accomplishments. The many youth in our circles certainly have little use for official-ism, ordination or experts, and they go far out of their way to develop egalitarian community. (Greg)
  4. We join together in our cities, towns, villages and be the church without any denominations, legalistic rules and regulations that don’t bring life. We do simple church together like in Acts. Otherwise we will do our good works, do our social caring through big organizations who are apparently the experts and forget that maybe none of us have been willing to take in an orphan, care for the true widows and fatherless. We had better decide together to be the simple church in our city or town with our fellow believers. Most will not dare to go this way unless the Holy Spirit does a deep calling to the depths of our hearts. (Shirley)
  5. A removal of the clergy/laity divide (David Coufal)
  6. The orality movement is a strong trend in which God’s Word is internalized and shared in open, relational environments ranging from personal coaching to small groups. (Mark Snowden)
It’s interesting to me that the majority of your ideas centered around two main topics. One is unity across the body of Christ and the other concerns leadership.
What will it take for us all to lay aside our theological and ecclesiological differences and, together on the same team,  BE the body of Christ within our communities.

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What will it take for us all to lay aside our theological and ecclesiological differences and, together on the same team, BE the body of Christ within our communities?

Well, for starters it will take a large dollop of the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

It will take repentance and painful self-awareness, forgiveness and humility.

It will certainly demand obedience to Christ, self-sacrifice and self-denial.

And it will take the indwelling Spirit of Christ to reveal these things to every heart and mind.

It will be necessary for us to set aside childish things, be mature, and develop into the fullness of the stature of Christ.

And above all it will need us to stand clear of the workspace, drop all our agendas, stop interfering, and make room for Jesus to do what he said he would do – build his church.

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