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For such a time as this

For some time, I have wondered why the Lord has placed an emphasis on small groups meeting in homes. (According to a survey by the Pew Forum in 2009, nine percent of Protestants in the USA “hold services” in  homes.) In other nations, the rise of house churches is often in response to persecution. But… Read More

Kingdom Life

Extraordinary video: Egyptian Christians respond to violence

A few days ago, I received a link to a most extraordinary video. It shows the response of Egyptian Christians to the violence that has gone on there. The video came with this comment: “Millions were totally astonished by watching the content of this video which was broadcasted on National TV. It was a real… Read More

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House churches and persecution

Dan Hubbell is an apostolic father who works in many Third World countries where persecution of believers is common. Recently, he sent me a response he had given to a church leader from a Third World nation asking for prayer that his church could find a building to meet in. As I mentioned in the… Read More

A suggestion for Memorial Day

The US holiday of Memorial Day commemorates citizens who have laid down their lives in military service for our country. Around the world, there are citizens of the Kingdom of God who face death on a daily basis because of their faith. I have spent time in nations where believers are persecuted for their faith;… Read More