A suggestion for Memorial Day

The US holiday of Memorial Day commemorates citizens who have laid down their lives in military service for our country.

Around the world, there are citizens of the Kingdom of God who face death on a daily basis because of their faith. I have spent time in nations where believers are persecuted for their faith; they are ostracized from their communities, will likely lose their job or housing, they may be thrown out of the family. Everyday life is much more of a struggle because of their faith. I have friends who have spent time in prison because they have shared their faith, others who have had to flee their country, others who are spied upon or questioned by security police.

In some nations hostile to Christianity, if it is discovered that a family member follows Jesus, it is a matter of family honor that they are put to death. In some nations, known Christians live with the reality of potential violent death every day. 

I have had the privilege of sharing life briefly with some of these believers, facing possible danger because of my faith, but I come home to safety. My brothers and sisters cannot leave.

An average of 171,000 Christians worldwide are martyred for their faith each year (World Christian Database)

Here's my suggestion for Memorial Day: let's honor those who have died in military service for our country, but let's also pause  to pray for our fellow-citizens of the Kingdom who face martyrdom because of their faith.

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