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Extraordinary video: Egyptian Christians respond to violence

A few days ago, I received a link to a most extraordinary video. It shows the response of Egyptian Christians to the violence that has gone on there.

The video came with this comment:

“Millions were totally astonished by watching the content of this video which was broadcasted on National TV. It was a real testimony to the love of God and His forgiving power, that was demonstrated through real people; deeply wounded by the loss of their loved ones, yet they are forgiving their enemies and praying for them to see the light and be saved.”

I requested permission from those who made the video to post it on my blog. Their reply: “Yes, go ahead! If the whole world knows that this is the proper response to the terrorists, they will have no sway over us.”

May we weep with them, intercede for them, and learn from our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

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So beautiful. This is the Body of Christ in spirit and in truth. Love is stronger than hate. Our weapons are stronger than theirs. Amen.

Thank you so much for sharing this video, Felicity. We can learn a great deal from the Egyptian believers; they are showing us all what forgiveness means and how effective and powerful it is. Amen to their prayer that light and truth and peace will be planted in the hearts of those that harm them.

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