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The Black Swan Effect is on facebook

It’s a long story, but despite offers from publishers, the Lord has led us clearly to self-publish our book, The Black Swan Effect.  Part of the reason ties up with finances. When we were in the process of making our final decision, from two different sources the Lord spoke to us.

“It’s all about the money.”

Since we’ve always planned to give any proceeds away, we’d never even considered the financial implications. But when we did the math, we discovered that we’d be able to give away about five times as much money if we self publish.

However, one of the side effects of this decision is that we are now responsible for all the marketing.There will be no money to give away without books selling, however one publishes.  And actually, especially in the current climate, even with traditional publishers, the author is the one primarily responsible for marketing. We know we are totally dependent on the Holy Spirit for The Black Swan Effect to have any kind of impact, but there are tools out there that we can use.

So we have become active in social media. And it would be great to have your help.

The Black Swan Effect has now gone live on Facebook! You can view posts about The Black Swan Effect on Facebook here.

It would help us if you would click through and “like” the page. How about inviting some of your friends to like the page too? Then join the conversation.

We’ve also just started a Twitter account. Our Twitter name is @blackswanbook. Again, follow us on Twitter and help us to spread the word.

My blog readers are the best!! I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for reading my posts, for commenting, for offering support and encouragement. (Much to my shock, I recently discovered simplychurch in a list of the top 100 Christian blogs–Crazy! And I know I have you all to thank.)

Thank you for your help with getting the word out about the book too!

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Hi Felicity, not here nor on your FB page I saw how I could buy the book. Since I don’t want to spend on postage to Europe, can I get it as Kindle ebook? Haven’t found it on Amazon though.

It doesn’t launch until the beginning of April. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the date is well-advertised!

this isn’t a criticism of the very welcome content, but puzzling over something – I
am wondering why the term ‘black swan’ has been used, bearing in mind
the recent well known film of the same name, about psychological
manipulation and sexual enticement, (have not seen it, but the reviews
seemed to indicate that was the content).
Found this, for any not aware of the film –

We did debate about using the term because of the movie (which I watched the first 5 minutes of and then turned off in disgust for the reasons you mentioned.) Why should a beautiful species of bird be tarnished by one obscene movie? The term is more widely recognized from a well known book called The Black Swan, which is a business book. However, it’s not really either of those that we are naming it for, although the origins of the idea came from the book. It comes from a concept in the introduction to our book which goes like this: In 16th century Europe, nobody had ever seen a black swan, and so it was assumed that all swans were white. The term, “black swan” meant something non-existent. Then a Dutch explorer went to Australia and discovered a whole species of black swan. So the term came to mean something that was previously thought to have been impossible, but discovered to be real and commonplace. All it took was one black swan to change people’s minds forever. Similarly, all it takes is one Deborah, one Esther, one Junia, one Priscilla, or any number of women down through the pages of history to the current time to show that God uses women to fulfill his purposes. And more than that, there is a whole tribe of “beautiful black swans” out there. Hope this helps.

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