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Power in an unlikely package

Here’s an outstanding Youtube video from the TV show, “Britain’s Got Talent.”

What makes this video so remarkable is the power of an extraordinary voice coming from a very ordinary-looking teenager who is shy and awkward and appears totally out of place on the big stage.

It reminds me that God’s power can be demonstrated through any of us–no matter how ordinary  we are. My observation is that God frequently uses people, especially on the mission field, who within their own context are socially somewhat eccentric. He delights to pour out his power through anyone who is yielded to him.

We may feel very ordinary and inadequate, but it’s not about us; it’s about Jesus. Will we let God pour out his Spirit through us? Are we surrendered to him?

What if there was An Army of Ordinary People  lives submitted to the King, personal ambition laid down for the cause of His Kingdom? What could God do with such a people?

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Felicity, Your timing is perfect… I have been reflecting on the themes of the Cross, the weakness of a crucified Messiah and how God works through people who often feel weak and inadequate.
But when we allow God to use us in any way and any situation, it is then that we often see the greatest workings of the Holy Spirit, even when we feel inadequate.
When I am in situations whee I feel incompetent in myself, and these times force me to rely more deeply on God,and then I see amazing things happen.

Oh my –
“… it’s not about us; it’s about Jesus.”
Needed to hear that reminder. It’s always been about God and His Son, and it always will be. I have no responsibility except surrendering to His will. Thank you.

Thank you, this is very encouraging to me because I am average and do not have great gifts. It gives me hope that God can use anyone who is yielded to Him.

If we just let go of our fears and let Him work through us, the most amazing things can happen. While we may not reach people through the sound of our voice, God has us help and serve one another in so many different and unique ways.

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