Being a disciple

We in the church sometimes live as though Jesus died to give us meetings, and meetings more abundantly. 

Jesus died to give us life. Being a disciple of Jesus is not measured by how many meetings we go to–however informal they may be. It's measured by obedience to Jesus and his commands. It's demonstrated by what goes on in our everyday lives. It's lived out in what we pass on to others.

It's also about living for his Kingdom rather than for our own particular denomination, brand or structure of church.



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There are four words that I use in this context:
Surrender, Consecration, Availability, Obedience.
If these are present and active as led by the Spirit,
then all things are possible, and the Kingdom will explode.

Very well said Felicity….I feel to many get hung up on meeting..”Right Away”.when coming out of IC…Probly out of the religious ritual mindset we were programmed with for years to be “Doing” nonstop……Jumping right in to meetings can be just another church setting. Amen?..We need the one on one time alone with Jesus “Expecting” Him to move us, …His time & place…… thanks for posting…

Sandy, I know that Frank Viola recommends that if people are starting from an IC background, the best thing they can do is to just live life together for several months–no “meetings.” I think there’s a lot to be said for that approach.

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