A rock or a hammer? Tools for church multiplication

In a carpentry project, it is possible to use a rock to bang in a nail, but it's much easier to use a hammer–a tool designed for the purpose. 


Photo credit: herzogbr (Creative Commons)

There are movements around the world that are seeing literally millions of people becoming disciples of Jesus. Much of what they do is very similar to the things we do in many of the simple/organic churches in this country. But there are a few things that the average simple church here is not doing. Some of these may be key to seeing multiplication.

Next week, I plan to start a series of posts that look at some of the proven tools for effective disciple making and church multiplication.


3 thoughts on “A rock or a hammer? Tools for church multiplication”

  1. Sounds awesome! I’m looking forward to upcoming posts. I appreciate how your posts combine inspirational encouragement with practical suggestions.


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