Simple Church Teaching from India

A Woman Church Planter (Part 1)

While I was in India I had the opportunity to visit with “Mary,” a church planter who has seen more than 6,000 churches start under her leadership.  Here is a little of her story:

Mary has been a church planter for the past 10 years.  She works in Chhattisgarh, a state in India. Before she learned about CPMs, she evangelized by sharing the word of God in villages and passing out tracts to every home in a village.  This produced no results.  People would come and get healed and then go away.

When Mary understood Luke 10 and the importance of gathering rather than scattering, her pattern changed.

She started using the principles in Luke 10, and the results are surprising. People come up to her and ask, “What must I do to get salvation.”  Wherever she prayer walks, a church starts.

Today, people come and get healed.  They become mature and then go to their own people group teaching the Word of God.  They baptize people and start house churches among their own people group.

Mary trains others in church planting.  Initially they survey the area.  This research determines where they plant a church.  Then they prayer walk the area on a daily basis. Prayer walking has been a key to what they have seen.  The whole world is in the power of the evil one, and people are to be rescued from his clutches and brought into the Kingdom.  This is done by spiritual warfare and the power of binding and loosing.  It has been the key to the establishment of churches.

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