Simple Church Teaching from India

A Woman Church Planter (Part 2)

Continuing the story of "Mary," a church planter in India.

Mary and her team believe that there should be a house
church in every language and people group.  There are 20,800 villages in Chhattisgarh, and they have
reached 1,800 of them with 6,000 house churches (some villages have more than
one if there is more than one people group in that village.) The house churches
meet every day, not just on Sundays. 
Each day they share fellowship, intercede, have teaching and take
communion.   The team keeps teaching in a church
until a leader emerges from that group.

Bindu is the coordinator of the women’s ministries
and Mary is one of her master trainers. 
There are six levels of leadership in the work:

  1. Working at a
    grass-roots level by starting a house church.  These people are given the vision of taking their own
    village and nurturing the people there.
  2. Leading a cluster of
    house churches in a block of 150 villages.  They have vision for their block.
  3. Leadership of several blocks
    of house churches.
  4. Master trainers at a
    district level—these are more mature leaders.
  5. Master trainers at a
    state level—they are responsible for all the training that goes on in a
  6. Master trainers at an
    international level.


Mary is training to be an international master trainer.  They use different teachings for
different levels of trainer.  
New believers are not trained with the same teachings as those who are
more mature.

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