How do we follow the Holy Spirit in a gathering?

Let’s saKid praisingy that we are sitting in a meeting and someone has
just prayed a great prayer full of praise to God. What should happen next?  In our experience, the best way is to
make that person’s prayer our own vehicle of praise to God. As we do that, if a
verse of Scripture or a song comes to mind, chances are the Holy Spirit is
speaking. In other words, if we fully participate in what is going on, the
things that come spontaneously to mind are most likely from the Holy Spirit. We
should expect variety— prayer for each other, insights from the Scriptures,
songs, gifts of the Spirit such as prophecy and visions.

God is very creative! And don’t be concerned about making
mistakes. Nobody will mind if we do, so let’s step out and try something new!

Some people might ask, "What about the kids?"  Children do not have a junior Holy Spirit.  They are often more sensitive than the adults when it comes to hearing God.  If we take their contributions seriously, they are an invaluable part of what goes on.


One thought on “How do we follow the Holy Spirit in a gathering?”

  1. Apart from all of our wisdom and knowledge and knowing how to serve God or conduct an interesting service, maybe we have missed listening and then doing what the Holy Spirit wants done. Or better, what Jesus wants done when we gather. It’s all a matter of control. In that sense, the post-moderns have hit it clear on the head.


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