Love Has a Face

It is rare these days that I am so gripped by a book that I read it all in one day.  That was the case with Michele Perry's book "Love Has a Face."  It doesn't hurt that we know Michele well–I was chatting with her on Skype just the other day.  She is the real deal.

Michele is one of my heroes.  She was born with only one leg, one hip and one kidney, yet despite her physical condition manages to pack more into life than most people I know.  In 2006, the Lord led her to Sudan.  She started her work there by throwing a party for 1,000 people.  She is now "Mama" to more than 100 children; she has started a school and plants churches.  When she prays, the blind see and the deaf hear.  Her love for Jesus and for others shines out of every page.

Although her story is like reading Acts 29, Michele's writing is humorous and down to earth.  I believe God will use this book to help others fall in love with Him all over again and to cause them to reach out to "the least of these."

Warning:  Don't read this book without an adequate supply of tissues.


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God has shown his love in this powerful way. Iris Ministries and Heidi Baker are a similar story with just larger impact. Her book even has the title “Compelled by Love”. God is Love, and these women know Him.

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