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Drinking from a Fire Hydrant

At the beginning of October, Tony and I left for a five-week trip that included Turkey, the UK and India.  What a privilege!!

The first week was spent in Turkey near Antioch.  Actually it was at Seleucia, which is the port from which Paul and Barnabus set sail on their first missionary trip.  The jetty from which they would have left was just behind our hotel.


There have been some great blogs about our time in Antioch. I suggest you start with Mike and Leslie Kim's account and then follow their links to other blogs on the subject.

From there, we went to the UK where I had a wonderful couple of weeks with family and friends while Tony came back to the States for some business related conferences.  This was followed by some time in the south of India to follow up on a healthcare project we have been involved in for the past couple of years.

Then on to the World House Church conference in Delhi.  That's where the fire hydrant came in.  The first few days about 50 of us gathered to experience the training that one of that nation's leading church planters does.  This church planter and his wife saw 68,000 baptisms in their network in January followed by more than 250,000 baptisms on the Day of Pentecost this year.  I plan to blog about what was taught there in subsequent blogs. 

Following that, 200 of us from more than 40 nations came together.  A report on that time will follow. 

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