Movements that Change the World

I believe God is taking our thinking beyond the planting of individual simple churches or even networks of churches to movements.  What are the principles of movements?  How can we cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the movements that are taking place in the world today.  It's one of the reasons I'm so excited about the House2House conference over Labor Day. ( Neil Cole will be sharing about movements.  I've had the privilege of reading the manuscript of his book (due out early next year) called Church 3.0.  He'll be sharing some of his thoughts and ideas about the principles behind movements.  If we can grasp some of these and put them into action, it will change how we think and the way we do things.


I've also recently read a book by Steve Addison from Australia called Movements that Change the World.  He describes several characteristics of movements:  white-hot faith,commitment to a cause, contagious relationships, rapid mobilization, and adaptive methods.  He examines various missionary movements that have changed the face of Christendom and encourages us to continue the missionary movement that Jesus started.


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