Kingdom skills

Multiplication tools: vision

The vision the individual members have for your group will determine the actions they take and your group’s ultimate destination. Photo credit: woodleywonderworks (Creative Commons) Why are the people in your group meeting? Simple/organic church provides a more intimate community. This is great, and an important component of simple church, but if that is why… Read More

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What is on God’s heart for your simple/organic church?

Photo credit: pipnstuff (Creative Commons) Simple/organic churches can be inward looking. But when we seek Jesus, making him the center of everything that goes on and we ask him what is on his heart, we may find things change… A few months ago, our simple/organic church spent time learning to listen to God. Each week… Read More

Church planting

How big is your vision? (part 2)

Photo credit: rightee (Creative Commons) Vision is one of our greatest challenges here in the West. We think too small, and act accordingly. Our dreams are limited by what we believe we can accomplish. This post is the second part of a vision statement put out by an apostle from Asia who is constantly seeing… Read More