Kingdom Women

Both male and female

Floyd McClung has┬áreached out to the women God brought across his path and championed them in their callings. For more than 20 years, he and his wife, Sally, have discipled women who are now making a difference in the nations. Floyd contributed a chapter to The Black Swan Effect: A response to gender hierarchy in… Read More

Kingdom Life

Hierarchy and discipleship

Some of our deepest theological conversations occur in our hot tub. This past weekend was no exception. Some close missionary friends of ours who work in Asia came to stay. We always have fun ┬ádebates with them, Here’s the gist of one of our conversations that took place late at night in our jacuzzi: Missionary:… Read More

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Servant leaders?

One day, Jesus' disciples were squabbling over which of them was the greatest. In fact, two brothers, James and John, had persuaded their mother to ask Jesus if they could have privileged positions in his Kingdom. The other disciples were indignant; they wanted those positions for themselves! Matthew 20:25-28 continues:  But Jesus called them to Himself and… Read More