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Do you remember the extraordinary story of Jose?

Many people prayed for Jose when I blogged about his extraordinary  story here and here.

I’d like to give you an update.

It’s now 8 months since those events took place. Rosaura, Jose’s mom, is still completely free from her 30 year crack and drug addiction problems. God is doing some beautiful things in her life. She called me two days ago.

“I’ve got some great news. I’ve got some great, great, great, great news!”

Jose had an operation for brain cancer last October/November. They could only remove 85% of the tumor, and he has been receiving medication for it since then. He had a follow up MRI on his brain last week.

When Rosaura and Jose went to the appointment to get the results, the doctor examined the MRI again and again. He looked puzzled.

“There’s absolutely no trace of the tumor!”

There will be great rejoicing in the church that meets in our home on Friday. Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for them.

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