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In 1996, Tony was playing basketball with the kids when he injured his knee. It required surgery. When the bills came in, he was horrified to discover how high they were for such a short procedure. At the time, we belonged to one of the Christian sharing groups that help each other with medical bills, so he called up each of the providers who had sent bills, and explained to them that he didn't feel comfortable paying the full amount. To his amazement, each one offered a substantial discount.

We had been praying for some time through Deuteronomy 8:18, that the Lord would give us an idea to create a business. When we had the thought that maybe we could negotiate medical bills for other members of the Christian sharing group, we contacted the organization to suggest it. Within 3 days, we were working for them, and within a week, it became obvious that we could make a significant difference.

Since that time, our company, The Karis Group, has expanded. We now work for many different clients and help them save more than 20 million dollars on their medical bills each year. We have taken on a significant number of people to help us and built an infrastructure to cope with all the demands.

Up until now, The Karis Group has only worked with groups of people, but we've always wanted to find a way to work with individuals. After months of brainstorming, on October 3rd, we launched a new product that works with individuals and families for a small monthly fee. In the new program, we not only handle negotiating medical bills, but any other questions that tie in with medical care. For example, have you ever tried to make sense of insurance or found your medical bills incomprehensible?  Or have you tried to understand which is the best facility to go to with medical needs? Our customer care is outstanding and our staff will work with you to handle any questions or problems you face with healthcare–the exceptions being that we are not there to give medical advice, nor are we trying to sell insurance.

So if you know anyone who is facing any kind of challenge with the healthcare system, or has medical bills they don't know how to handle, please put them in touch with us. Here's the Kare360 website and a press release. We'd love to help them.

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