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AHCHOO!! I hope you caught the virus


Photo credit: Christophe Pasqual (Creative Commons)

There's a dangerous virus going around the world. Like other viruses, it's identified with letters and numbers. Unlike other viruses, I hope you catch it. 

The 10:2b virus started when a couple of friends of ours, John White and Kenny Moore, were discussing one morning over breakfast how to find more church planters for their state. As they chatted, they remembered the verse in Luke 10 where Jesus commanded the disciples (both the 12 and the 72) to pray the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers into the harvest. They decided to try it for a week–calling each other daily on the phone. The week extended into months and eventually years of prayer together on a daily basis.

The results were so life-changing in terms of the number of people starting churches in their state as a specific answer to this prayer, they knew it needed to spread.  And so the idea of the Luke 10:2b virus was born. As John and Kenny told their story everywhere, others joined them, praying in pairs daily over the phone that the Lord of the harvest would thrust out more laborers into the harvest. Many people set the alarm on their phone for 10:02 am or pm to remind them to pray.

The virus has spread all over the world. We just infected some people in Russia where we've been for the past week or so.

Have you caught the virus? It's a dangerous one to catch. It might just change your world.

One reply on “AHCHOO!! I hope you caught the virus”

I find it interesting that we almost exclusively think of this verse as a text to be used to mobilize already believers to become harvesters, when Jesus clearly did not have that in mind when he sent the 72 out in pairs. He has already mobilized all of his disciples (the 12 are sent out in chapter 9 and now the 72 others in chapter 10). The harvesters they are to pray for are to come from the harvest. While these two are not mutually exclusive, I suspect many would disciple differently if we had the “harvesters from the harvest” mindset.

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