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Gathering to Listen #4

Continuing the story of the group that gathers to listen:

Over the next few weeks, more information came out.  The morning after we returned home, a leader from the Nav-Apache council visited D.B. at the coffee shop.

“Can you pray for one of our young men?” he asked.  “He went insane over the weekend, and nothing is helping him. “

“Why would you ask me?” said D.B.

“You may wonder why we let our youth come to your café.  The Apache believe that spirits can be transferred both by touch and by the preparation of food.  And you are known to be a man of peace.”

D.B. explained that the Great Spirit of Peace, whose name is Jesus, heals people today, and prayed that the young man’s sanity would be restored.  Within a few days he received news that from that moment, the young man was completely healed.

A few weeks later an extraordinary email was sent out to the group, with the information that the three-level house we had prayed over had, for a while, been the home of Anton LaVey, author of the Satanic Bible!

A year later, there was more good news.  For one year, there were no murders or suicides in Globe.  On top of that, the leadership of the city has dramatically changed. Other Arizona city councils continue to ask Globe, how they are able to accomplish so much change.  We know the answer to that: we believe that our prayers are transforming the city! 

What will happen if everywhere, groups of people go "on mission" with God, listening to him and carrying out the assignments he gives?


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Very inspiring. Seems that truly hearing from God and doing what he says when he says to do it is a key, and it can’t be put into a principle or formula, but is based on intimate relationship.

Jim, you are so right when you say this cannot be reduced to a formula. There’s no set way of going about this except being open to what Jesus is doing through his Holy Spirit. Relationship with him is key!

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