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Gathering to Listen #3

Continuing the story of the listening gatherings:

The next morning, we started to pray through the things D.B. had described. The first place we prayed was on a hilltop where the scene with the Native American man had taken place. We repented for what had been done to his people in that area and bound the effects of the curse on the city and reservation, proclaiming blessing instead on both regions.

The next place we went to was the school, which looked more like a prison than an educational center.  We walked all round the school and prayed for the students, the faculty, and the administration.  We sensed we were supposed to anoint the doors and had brought a bottle of oil for the purpose.

The strange three-level house was next on our agenda.  It appeared from the outside like a normal, single story house—nothing unusual about it.  Behind it was a gorge, spanned by a footbridge.  As we stood on the bridge, praying about the picture, a lady came out of the house.  D.B. approached her.

“I’m interested in old houses,” he said.  “Can you tell me about yours?”

“It’s kind of unusual,” she replied.  “It has two basements with a swimming pool in the lowest one.”  She went on to describe the elevator down, the secret passage, as well as the identity of the owner during the era of the vision.    And it was all in perfect alignment with what God had revealed.

We were astounded at the accuracy of the picture.  Our praying took on urgency as we realized the reality of the vision.

We ended our prayer walk at city hall, where one of us envisioned a chain of corruption linking it to the police station and other government buildings.  We prayed that God would break this chain and bring righteousness to these seats of power.  

What were the effects of our prayers?  See the next post


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