Baptisms in India

We have just come off the phone with a friend of ours in India who is involved in a CPM there.  He described briefly the events of this last Pentecost Sunday.  They had a goal in their network of 100,000 baptisms on that day.  The results are coming in.  They exceeded their expectations with 285,083 baptisms and still counting.  (Many of these are in very rural areas and so it takes time for the information to come in.) 

The smallest number of baptisms in a single location was 36, and the largest number around 51,000.  They prayed for the eyes of the authorities to be shut, and for the most part that  happened.

Praise God for this abundant harvest.  Pray now for the ongoing discipling of these new believers.

4 thoughts on “Baptisms in India”

  1. I tried sharing the 285,000 baptisms with another believer, and got an “Oh, sure, rumors like this have been floating around forever. The never pan out.” Is there any link to go to or some sort of proof?


  2. We received the stats from the person responsible. The situation there is too dangerous for them to put them up on a website. They now have documented (name and address) more than 300,000 baptisms that happened that day. The reason the numbers were so slow coming in is because they have insisted on each case being verified.


  3. I told this to a friend.
    He said: “This kind of claim has been made many times; they mostly are false.
    Where do I go to get evidence?


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