The Rabbit and the Elephant

Rabbit and Elephant  
Our new book, "The Rabbit and the Elephant," co-authored with George Barna comes out on June 1st.  It has been a two year labor-of-love to write it.  We are asking that if anyone is planning to buy it, they order from  Here’s their link to the book:  This will increase our
Amazon sales rank and hopefully make it more likely that others will buy the

Here's Tyndale House Publisher's version of what the book is about:

Rabbits, Elephants and Simple Church

If you put two elephants in a room together with plenty of food and
water, close the door, and come back in three years, if you’re
lucky, you may have one baby elephant. But do the same thing with
two rabbits and you’ll get thousands of baby rabbits.

In their new book, The Rabbit and the Elephant: Why Small is the
New Big for Today’s Church, simple church planters Tony and
Felicity Dale, with acclaimed researcher George Barna, use the
rabbit illustration to show the pace at which the Christian faith
can (and should) be growing—through a way of life that is explosive
and transformational. Through observations supported by the Barna
Group research, the Dales document how church all across the world
is changing from being event-based to life and

The Rabbit and the Elephant explores the simple church phenomenon
and the ideas and experiences behind its concept of every member
ministry. You will learn how to incorporate spiritual growth and
outreach into every aspect of your life, while discovering the key
to 21st century evangelism.

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thanks for letting us know on about the audio version with christianaudio. Just bought it… thank you

Thanks so much for your encouragement!!! I really needed this book right now; in our transition from a very traditional church to a simple church with multiple expressions throughout our community. We were at 180 doing a traditional program driven Sunday show too now having 40 true Disciples of Jesus.
This book gave me hope and encouragement! By the way… it has been worth every hard step to see our church transition into a “loving one another and others” body
My review is on my blog here

How does a large UK church change to the model of simple church??
The current leadrership talk about change, but they stuck in the ways.

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