We leave on Friday for an extensive six week trip.  (Please pray for us).

The trip includes the following nations:

The UK to visit with family and for my mother's 87th birthday.

France for a series of meetings on simple churches.  I love France, having spent many wonderful vacations camping there when I was a teenager.

India, to spend time with Victor and Bindu Choudhrie.  Our thinking is always stretched when we spend time with this wonderful couple.  This visit is about a project we are involved in to provide healthcare to the very poor in villages (  We will be visiting the pilot project too.

Mongolia where we will be doing a week's worth of teaching on disciple making and church planting.  It will be fascinating to visit this nation.  For any who are interested in what God is doing there, I recommend "There's a Sheep in my Bathtub" by Brian Hogan.

China for three days R and R. Considering Tony's Chinese heritage (his father was born there, his parents did medical work there before having to leave when the Communists took over and he grew up in Taiwan) it is amazing we have never been there before.  We are greatly looking forward to it.  We will be in Beijing.

Hong Kong for a visit with Jackie Pullinger.  Jackie has been working amongst drug addicts for many years in Hong Kong and has seen the most amazing answers to prayer.  She wrote a book on her journey called "Chasing the Dragon."

Back to India, this time to spend time with some church planters in the South.  We have been working with this family for several years and it is always good to spend time encouraging them.

Germany to spend time with Wolfgang Simson and a group of people that we get together with regularly to spend time listening to the Lord.

Back to England to spend more time with my mom


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Hi Tony & Felicity
Anthea and I are involved with a house church network in the outback town of Coober Pedy here in Australia. We hold simple church meetings in our home weekly and also have a global teaching and networking ministry – Anointed Word International.
I read with interest your Travelog and noted that you are visiting India to catch up with ministry contacts there. If it is possible would you be able to make contact with our India Representative in Andra Pradesh. He has recently visited the Orissa State and is involved with assisting the persecuted Christians living there. He is also in the process of setting up a Rural Health Program.
His details are as follows:
Pastor Anandbabu and Suji Ravuri
Have a blessed and enriched trip while away from home.
In Christ
John and Anthea Day

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