Kingdom Life

A quiet healing

Sometimes healing happens without fanfare, and it’s only later you realize the enormity of what has happened. A new person came to the church that meets in our home a month ago. We had a time of listening to the Lord, and someone shared a picture about a little fish being gobbled by a shark.… Read More

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Do you want to see ordinary people make disciples?

 "Tell me how to become a Christian!" Would everyone in your simple/organic church know how to lead someone to Christ using the Scriptures?  If we want to see a multiplication of new disciples and therefore new churches, it is essential that ordinary believers know how to make a disciple, how to lead someone to Christ.… Read More

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Teaching or equipping? Are we giving people tools they can use?

We are currently part of a fairly new simple church with about 30% new believers. The other evening, one of them mentioned that a friend had approached him to find out more about his faith. As we discussed how he might handle the situation, it became apparent that only a few of those present had… Read More