10 things I enjoy about international travel

Tony and I have had the privilege of visiting many different countries (30+), many of them in a ministry/teaching context. Here’s what I love about international travel: Hearing incredible stories of how God is at work in different nations. Many of them cannot be publicly spoken of, but they help to raise my faith level and challenge… Read More

Kingdom Women

Some scary statistics

Julie Ross, one of the co-authors of The Black Swan Effect: A response to gender hierarchy in the church compiled these scary statistics: Half the world’s population is female. They comprise 40% of the world’s workforce but own 1%of the world’s wealth.  Seventy percent of those living in poverty in the world are female, globally. 100 million… Read More

Kingdom Life

If the world were a village…

You think you have it tough? I recently came across these figures on a site that encourages people to pray for various countries in the world. (Visit the site–it’s well worth the time.) All of us are aware of some of the injustice around the world, but these figures brought it home to me… Picture the… Read More


When Christian giving corrupts

Sometimes damage is done by well-meaning Christians giving their money in the wrong places. Example: if a church planting movement is dependent on outside funds to pay their church planters, there is a natural (financial) limitation as to how many church planters can be involved. This will limit the growth of what is going on.… Read More