Kingdom Women

What’s a woman to do?

When I describe some of the amazing things being done by women in the Kingdom of God, or when I explain an alternative understanding of the challenging passages on women, I sometimes hear this comment from both men and women who are trying to be obedient to the Scriptures: “It’s more important that a woman… Read More

Gathering to Listen

Listening–a key skill for the body of Christ

I just attended Verge 2012, a conference put on by Austin Stone, a mega-church here in Austin. It was an high-energy gathering with caliber, big-name speakers, sold out several days before it started and with something like 500 groups watching online. I had the privilege of running a workshop there. But you know what impressed… Read More

Church planting

Why do we do the opposite of what Jesus tells us?

Why do we believers so often do the opposite of what Jesus tells us? Jesus told his disciples to go; we ask people to come. Jesus instructed his disciples to make disciples of all nations; we ask people for decisions. Jesus said he will build his church; we try to do it for him. Jesus… Read More