Missions: the bad!

Photo credit: Felix Krohn (Creative Commons) Tony and I were in Nepal training church planters: "What should simple/organic church should look like?" someone asked me. My answer surprised them: "It should look Nepalese!" I have a photo in my possession that epitomizes the problem with much of what is seen on the mission field today.… Read More

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The good and the bad of missions

  Photo credit Stijn Vogels (Creative Commons) Tony and I have been privileged to travel to various countries in all five continents and to see missions at work first hand. First the good: I was brought up, in a Christian sense, on the biographies of those on the mission field. I learned from Hudson Taylor… Read More

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Simple/organic church needs simple/organic mission

Photo credit: Abdallah (Creative Commons) For some time now, I have been pondering the question, "What does it look like for simple/organic churches to get involved in mission?" I'm referring here to the role of what is usually known as "the missionary"–one who is called to leave their own culture and live in another nation,… Read More