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Simple/organic church needs simple/organic mission

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For some time now, I have been pondering the question, "What does it look like for simple/organic churches to get involved in mission?" I'm referring here to the role of what is usually known as "the missionary"–one who is called to leave their own culture and live in another nation, either short or long-term.

Here are some of the questions I have:

  1. How, if at all, are simple/organic churches currently involved in missions?
  2. How could/should their involvement differ from traditional mission work?
  3. What is the most effective church planting training they can receive?
  4. Who are the most effective people to reach unreached people groups?
  5. Are there any mistakes of traditional missions that we can learn from and avoid?
  6. How can this be financed?
  7. How can people be supported in the field?
  8. What language and cross cultural training is needed?

What other questions do you have?

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Our network of housechurches have supported “missions” very well over the years, We had a family of 5 move to Sochi Russia and start a screen printing business there. We saved up over 7000 dollars to get them there and about every 3 months we take an offering and send it to them even though they are basically self supported now. They learned the language first and now they have a network of several hc’s within an hour of them. Building relationships is the number one priority for any church, whether here or abroad.
Christopher “Captain” Kirk

I am an American citizin living in Germany, married to a German. A year ago, we met a missionary couple supported by the southern baptists (I think?). They are here to build and support the organic church movement in Germany. My husband and I became their ‘people of peace’ and we have been having home church here ever since. So far, we have seen one troubled young girl come to Christ, and one women who left the church/her faith years ago rekindle her relationship with Jesus. Several ‘not yet believers’ come every week to our house, or we meet at theirs! It has been a very healing experience for us as a family. Because my husband and I are very ‘German’, it is easy for us to bridge the cultural gap between the missionaries and the locals here. We continue to be VERY thankful to the Lord for our missionary friends and the brothers and sisters in the states who support them!

Steve, this is a great question, and worth a whole post to answer it. I’ll definitely try to get to it soon.
Gavin, I think this is what much of simple church missions looks like at present, and is definitely a model worth pursuing.
Trying, your story is very inspiring and exactly what I think simple/organic missions needs to look like. We have learned so much from the Southern Baptists and their emphasis on Church Planting Movements.

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