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What’s in a name? Missional Community

The word, “missional” has become something of a buzz-word over recent years. Several friends such as Linda Bergquist and Alan Hirsch were involved in writing a¬†Missional Manifesto¬†which was published last year to help describe the term. Here’s the first sentence from the manifesto: God is a sending God, a missionary God, who has called His… Read More

Church planting

What might it look like when big and small work together?

Photo credit: brendan.wood (Creative Commons) The rabbit and the elephant have very different strengths. Different sized churches do too. Rabbit sized churches: Can penetrate into every nook and cranny of society reaching people who would never darken the door of a church building Have the potential to multiply rapidly along relationship lines Foster community and… Read More

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Organic/missional principles in a legacy environment

Mega churches are starting missional communities in many areas around the country.  (Exponential, the largest conference available for church planters, has several organic church people speaking at the main sessions this year –I've even been asked to take a workshop!) But I  haven't yet heard that many stories from slightly smaller churches.  However, here's a great story… Read More