A remarkable story of God in the workplace

Frank posted this extraordinary story–a demonstration of how God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, including the workplace–on an earlier post. It is all the more unusual because it happened in the UK. "In the early 80s, whilst out working, God clearly gave me a revelation for a business. The idea was… Read More

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Would we be more effective if we were in full time ministry?

Photo credit (Creative Commons) swisscan We have some friends who think that because my husband, Tony, runs a business that supports us, we are somehow missing out on the best God has for us. "How much more you could accomplish for God," they imply or say outright, "if you were full time in ministry." Maybe they… Read More

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“God gave me this idea for a business…”

Photo: Creative Commons vaXzine Perhaps because my husband, Tony, is a businessman, we regularly have Christians approach us: "God gave me this idea for a business. What do you think?" Sometimes it's a product they think everyone will buy. Sometimes a technology or a service. So we ask them some apparently non-spiritual questions?  Do you have… Read More