Could simple/organic/house churches be more strategic with their finance?

Dollar sign

There was good news about giving within simple/organic/ house churches in my last post. This came from Steve Lyzenga's doctoral thesis, which is now available on the House2Harvest website. (The House2Harvest website serves to network and assist simple churches and house churches to do strategic missions in order to finish the task of reaching all peoples with the gospel.)

Steve's research showed that those of us within simple/organic churcnes tend to give a higher proportion of our income and to spend very little on internal, administrative needs. This means there is considerably more money available for Kingdom purposes–for benevolence and missions.

Now for the potentially challenging news from the same research: Around 70% of people gave 25% or less of their giving via their simple church. Most people are giving to their own friends on the mission field or some other charity rather than via their simple church. Why is this? Does it matter?

Could we be more strategic in our giving if we corporately sought the Lord as to where he wants our giving to go?

I would be interested to hear about other people's experience.