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New E-book: A Simple Guide to Hearing God

How do we hear God? Does He speak in an audible voice? How do we know it is Jesus speaking and not an over-active imagination? What might happen if we deliberately listen to God, believing He will speak to us? About 18 months ago I had the idea of a multi-media e-book that would address… Read More

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An example of how teaching can be led by the Holy Spirit: Idea #2

The comments below were a response by April Sellers  on the Arkadelphia Simple Church Network site ( to my post on listening to the Lord in meetings.   We don't often talk about teaching in house church.  Within simple churches, we most commonly learn from the Word in the context of an interactive Bible study… Read More

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What are Spirit-led meetings

Chris Jefferies posted the following comment to the last post I wrote, and it reminded me so much of when we learned the principles of following the Holy Spirit back in the UK.  It was so good, I thought it worth posting as a main blog. "Felicity, you and Tony will certainly remember times in… Read More