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New E-book: A Simple Guide to Hearing God

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How do we hear God? Does He speak in an audible voice? How do we know it is Jesus speaking and not an over-active imagination? What might happen if we deliberately listen to God, believing He will speak to us?

About 18 months ago I had the idea of a multi-media e-book that would address this topic. (It's like a "vook" if you have come across the concept–a cross between a video and a book.) Over the past year or so, let loose with an iphone and with no expertise in videography, I interviewed friends who I know hear God clearly. I asked them the question, "How does God speak to you? How would you help someone who isn't sure God speaks to them?"

These interviews are included in the text of this e-book, along with many examples from my own experience. They all serve to amplify principles from Scripture. My hope and prayer is that both individuals and groups will be inspired and challenged to walk more closely with Jesus as a result of reading/viewing the e-book, but more than that, their Christian lives will become an adventure, on mission with God. 

The e-book is available via House2House at this link.

I'd love to hear of your experiences in hearing God, especially if the e-book helped you in this process. Leave a comment on this blog post.

3 replies on “New E-book: A Simple Guide to Hearing God”

Hello Felicity. I don’t believe I’ve commented before. I recently read “An Army of Ordinary People” and loved it. Thank you for putting it together. I wrote a review of it on my blog.
Anyhow, it seems that God is teaching me about how to hear from him. At the end of the year last year a friend of mine got me a copy of “Walking With God” by John Eldredge. This kicked things off, so I was really interested to learn more when I found out about this book, “A Simple Guide to Hearing God.” It is simple but excellent. The videos are especially helpful and insightful. And the messages are being reinforced with things I’m reading elsewhere. Thank you for putting this all together. I certainly plan to share this with my church.

D. L., thank you so much for sharing about both An Army of Ordinary People and A Simple Guide to Hearing God. When I hear that something I’ve written has helped or blessed someone, it makes it all worthwhile!
I personally believe that hearing God, especially corporately, is going to be one of the next major moves of the Spirit.

Hi, Is there any other way to order your book “A Simple Guide to Hearing God”? I can’t do it by H2H link because it generate some error. God bless!

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