Kingdom skills

How our standard poodle was witness to my failure

Winston H. Churchill is the full name of our standard poodle. (Winston Churchill obviously stems from our British heritage. The middle initial, “H,” stands for Houdini which we added after he twice escaped from a wire kennel, leaving the door bolted behind him. No, don’t ask!) Winston: before grooming One of the advantages of a… Read More

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Time to harvest

After our early morning wake-up call, Tony and I started praying through the book of Haggai. The context of Haggai is that the first wave of Jews have returned from captivity in Babylon, but, apart from an initial spurt of activity in which the foundations of the temple were laid, nothing more has been done… Read More

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A 3 am wake up call–from God

Let me set the scene. We live in a rambling old house, part of it built before 1946 (the part that local legend has it was a casino and "house of ill-repute") but mostly additions from the 1980s. Because of its age,we expect to have major repairs from time to time, probably averaging one a… Read More