On a journey with Jesus 5: Meeting with others

Get together with a few friends over a cup of coffee or simple meal. This can happen anywhere you do life together–for example, your local Starbucks, a restaurant or your home. Here’s a simple pattern for what to do.

  • Share what God has been doing in your life. (Even people who have not yet met Jesus can usually answer this question.)
  • Read this passage from the Bible  and discuss these questions:

I. What do we learn from this passage about God and Jesus?

II. What do we learn about people?

III. What does this story have to say about you?.

IV. Who else do you know who needs to hear this story?

  • Spend some time together talking to God about specific needs you are aware of, both in your own lives and in the lives of others. Pray for some of your other friends by name that they will meet Jesus too.

In subsequent times that you get together, here are some more passages to study.

What comes next?