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The House2House website is back up and running

It’s been a very long time since you heard from me and you’ve probably forgotten that you ever signed up for my blog. I apologize!

Two reasons for my silence: firstly, I had run out of things to say and didn’t want to repeat myself incessantly. Secondly, I had just been diagnosed with an incurable eye condition called macular degeneration that can lead to blindness, and I didn’t want to run the risk that close computer work might exacerbate it. Praise God, that is now a thing of the past and my eyesight is fine. (The Lord led me to a wonderful Christian ophthalmologist with unconventional methods of arresting the disease through diet alone and that has saved my sight. If anyone reading this has AMD, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the resources that helped me.)

So why am I getting in touch with you now?

With the advent of Covid 19, and most churches throughout the country closed, at least temporarily, it seemed expedient  and good to resurrect the House2House website, a site designed to resource the growing house/simple/organic church movement.  We had taken down the site several years ago but now we have taken some of the best of what we had then and recreated a non-interactive site as a repository of resources for small groups. The resources are appropriate, not just for house churches, but for traditional churches that are now meeting as small groups online or in homes. Although most of the articles were written at a time when we could meet without restriction, they are easily adaptable to the current situation. Enjoy!

Please pass this information on to anyone you know for whom it might be relevant and useful.

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Felicity! I was reviewing our website and checking links to make sure they’re still active and wound up here. It’s great to have you back! And praise God for the healing of your eyes. And it’s great to hear that House2House is back up and running. The reason I’m reviewing our site is because I sense that this pandemic may be a kairos moment. May the Lord bless you and yours. Dan Mayhew

Dan, great to hear from you. Like you, I’m sensing that now is a time to press forward. I wonder if what we were experiencing a decade ago was merely a dress rehearsal for “such a time as this!”

Appreciate that you are in health and have returned to blogging etc….. Missed you. (Former username was Lee)

Hi Felicity, I was going through all my draft emails from the past and came across a very empathetic response email (around 2016) which you sent me when I was living in Australia. In your email you invited me to take a look at your blog, which I just did and read about your previous eye condition. Praise God He is the healer and Nothing is to hard for Him … All things are possible with our God.
If you still have the same email address, I would like to email you if possible. Welcome back mighty woman of God. Miss you and love to you, Tony and family.
Norah Yeo (nee Kay)

Hello…I don’t know if you remember me. Very long ago you came with your husband to Victoria, BC and we did a conference on house church in our home. We have continued to do that for many years, but growth has been slow to non existent. We now live in a different smaller town. I too thought Covid would bring in a harvest, but instead it had a shrinking affect on most churches here. The division and lack of trust in the culture in general has caused a different feel to things. We are aware there is hunger now, but not sure how to tap into it. Have people for dinner? Invite them to ?? Just not sure what to do these days and a bit discouraged!

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