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Tears for the Motherland: a poem about gender violence

Anita Scott is a good friend of mine–a teacher who makes a profound difference in the lives of the kids she teaches. (You should hear her stories.) Anita is passionate about justice, especially for women, and the problems of gender violence.

I’ve blogged about her before–how she brought a meeting I was at to a stunned silence with a poem about sex trafficking.

I’m not usually one who goes for poetry. Too many obscure poems I had to find meaning in as a student perhaps. But Anita’s poetry is amazing, challenging, thought-provoking, inspirational….

Here is another one of her poems, this time about gender violence. Let its message sink into your heart.


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Anita is definitely a poet I actually want to listen to. Her words are inspired. Thankful for her strong voice and how it advocates for women without one.

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