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Skate Church

What is God doing with simple/house churches in this country?

This past weekend, Tony and I spoke at a simple church conference in Lexington Kentucky. On the way there, I asked the Lord, “Father, what are you doing with house churches around this nation? Are they healthy?” I sensed his reply to me: “Check out what is happening with the people at this conference, and that will be an indication of what I am doing.”

Was I ever encouraged!!!

Simple/house churches are alive and well. Just check out this video that was produced about one of the churches in the Simple Church Alliance network–Skate Church!


On Board from Julia Chin on Vimeo.

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The conference was amazing… what a blessing to be there! I was so pleased to meet you and learn more about your journey. Thank you for being a vessel of God’s love pouring out to so many. 🙂

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