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What are we thinking?

I came across a shocking statistic earlier today.

According to the International Bulletin of Missionary Research (2012), the cost per baptism globally is $762,000!

What are we thinking?

I’m sure these figures include seminaries, buildings, training pastors etc., but sometimes I wonder, is this why Jesus died?

I know you cannot put a figure on the salvation of a soul, but surely there is a more cost-effective model (think simple churches meeting in homes with no specially trained leaders…)



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I guess it also includes crystal cathedrals, personal jets and multi-million dollar homes for prosperity pastors, expensive TV shows, etc. 🙁

Brilliant deduction my lady and your solution is very appropriate–let’s let the lord do his thinking instead of us.

I had this dream a couple weeks ago: I was flying in a plane with a number of others. It wasn’t a huge jumbo jet, but a modest sized plane. Suddenly there is a tumbling and rolling of the plane. Peoples’ belongings were tossed all over the plane as it rolled over and over. Chaos and confusion. The plane crashed. Next we were all standing outside the crashed plane. No one was injured or killed. We were standing and looking out over rolling plains of green grass. Overhead there were massive power lines. Could see the enormous electrical tower in the distance.
Interpretation: Modes of transportation–including this plane–represent various ministries/vocations. This plane represented the church (not necessarily the universal Church). The dream was saying that the time was coming–or is now upon us–when the “church” as we know it may no longer be “available”; that some elements would “crash and burn”. But God was pointing the “passengers” toward the fields which needed to be plowed and seeds of the Gospel planted for a Harvest. The power lines speak of the massive “power” available to those who will go out into the fields.
A friend felt that the passengers were those who had been “sifted” and had come through “alive and uninjured”. They would help lead the planting and harvest. He also commented that the churches they raised up would not “crash” like theirs had, but would be strong and powerful.

Interesting that certain ones feel privileged enough and more special than the rest of the Bride that they can turn their nose up at other churches and how they present and spread the Gospel. Wait, didn’t Luke 10 just spend thousands of dollars to revamp the website to better spread the Gospel and promote itself? I believe it would be quite hypocritical of said people and those who support them to bash other churches and institutions of higher spiritual learning before sweeping up around their own back door. Especially considering there were other ways to revamp the website to include much cheaper resources like

Lets call a spade a spade shall we? This blog post by Mrs. Dale and its sharing by the Luke 10 powers that be is nothing more than an attempt to further promote Luke 10 when I do believe that we are commanded in Matthew’s “Great Commission” to share Christ, not a website, our business, or personal agendas. Please quit looking down at other members of the Body of Christ while parading around your circles with your noses up in the air before you drown.

May God grant you mercy and much forgiveness for your belittling of your professed brothers and sisters in Christ and may the Holy Spirit convict your own hearts to repentance while bringing you to a saving knowledge of the true Messiah Jesus Christ through the reading and study of the sound doctrine inspired by God in His one and only authoritative Word.

Whatever grudge you have, I think you missed the point of the article. The question was, “Is there a better way?” Plus this website is not a church. It is the church’s role to observe the “Great Commission,” but this website has every right to offer an opinion. You also have set yourself up as judge and jury and taken over the duties of the Lord when you say, “bringing you to a saving knowledge of the true Messiah…” No man has the right to judge another person’s eternal destiny. I agree with you that repentance is needed, but I think you need to consider Matthew 7 and realize that you unknowingly were preaching to yourself! And it is you, sir, who should seek “forgiveness for your belittling of your professed brothers and sisters in Christ.” The author gave their opinion of a better way…that doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. But for you to turn this into a salvation issue is truly un-Christlike. However, I’m not going to doubt your salvation, that’s between you and the Lord. Practice some understanding and love my friend. Obviously, the author hit on a soft spot in your life for you to be so reactive. And yes, I’m reactive too. Legalism in any form scares me.

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