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A Christian response to same-sex attraction

Sadly, we Christians are renowned for our negative attitudes.  According to David Kinnamen in his book, unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity…and Why It Matters, we are thought of by ‘outsiders’ (ie those who are not involved in church) as firstly, antigay (91%), secondly, judgmental (87%), and thirdly, hypocritical (85%).  This is a tragedy!

As Christians, we cannot just bury our heads in the sand when it comes to the topic of same-sex attraction. This issue is here to stay, and we would do well to think it through. I’ve heard, “Love the sinner but hate the sin” many times, but I still wonder, how would Jesus react?

You may disagree with me, but when I was sent this video via Luke 10 over the weekend, I was moved and inspired. Jordan Bunch originally produced it for CenterPeace, an organization I had not heard of before. It is the most sensitive and best response I have yet seen.

What do you think?

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This is a beautiful and loving solution to what would otherwise be a lonely life for Brett. However for Jordan to respond as he did, he must have a very understanding, and mature wife who is willing to share their home so openly. I have known a number of families who took in foster children, and their families were railroaded in the process – in several cases, resulting in divorce. In each case the couple said they would never do it again. In other words, a couple would need to know in their hearts that this was what God wanted them to do, before embarking on such a challenge. And I’m sure that if they were convinced this was the way to go, God would bless everyone in their home as a result. It is a courageous move.

The bible does not entertain SSA and sexual orientation. Being attracted to anyone, male or female is not the issue. The act of sexual intercourse or lying with the same sex in a manner that would be for the opposite sex is the SIN.
Sexual Attraction and Orientation are new theories used to justify the SIN.
If a man is Sexually Attracted to every half naked Christian Woman, he has not SINNED, until he follow through with actions conceived first in the Heart and then with the sex act, that is a SIN as well. And the same for the woman, both are sinful acts.
It is interested to note that when the gay men came to Lot’s house to play with the male visitors, sexual or romantic Attraction and orientation were not considered by the visitors. If that was a valid reason, then these visitors would have entertain the gay men in sex. Instead, these visitors, smite the gay men with Blindness…. and so is homosexuality today, it is Blind, and deceitful — coming from the master deceiver Himself, satan.
His is a plan to attack God’s design for men and women to function with purpose. One such purpose, is procreation. Homosexuals CANNOT fulfil that purpose.

While listening , I did not hear where there were attracted to each other, Just that brad, did not feel attracted to women. It does not automatically mean he was attracted to men or Jorden. At lease it was not said.
If God Calls one to a life of celibacy God will be a friend to the friendless and a father to the fatherless. It is good that Jordan shared his home, it is the Christian thing to do. The Shunammite woman in 2 Kings share her home with the Prophet and she was Blessed, but the prophet was Called….
If Brad was truly Called to that Live it MUST be for a Purpose, for the Sake of the Gospel. It is not enough to say he or anyone is not attracted to women, so let me be celibate. That will be a frustrated life choice. It must be for a purpose, so he can find contentment in his purpose.
I do not equate celibacy with homosexuality. Two different life choices.

A great example of unconditional love. Same sex attraction is a temptation amongst countless others. It is not one of my own, but I have many….the point is that this temptation along with any others can be overcome by the power of Jesus Christ. By the way homosexuality is a sexual sin, but do not forget so is pornography and a host of other heterosexual sins.

This video honestly just made me sob in tears. That is an amazing friendship. I don’t know what else to say in words…

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