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Mary Go Round

Anita stunned the room!

We’ve  held a couple of round tables in our home on the topic of men and women working together as co-equals in the Kingdom. One of the subjects we tackle is justice for women around the world. At the end of a discussion on justice  a couple of weeks ago, Anita Scott, a school teacher who is having a profound impact in an inner city school in  Dallas asked:

“Can I read you a poem I wrote?”

Of course! We were delighted to have her contribution.

She then delivered this amazing poem about girls and sex trafficking and social justice. You could have heard a pin drop. We were stunned. Then a buzz of conversation broke out.

We all encouraged her she had to do more with this poem. Thankfully she has a very talented brother who has created a video.

Here it is: Mary Go Round by Anita Scott. Thanks, Anita! I pray this poem touches hearts and challenges many!

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This is a tremendously powerful power! A clarion call to action… We must not turn a blind eye to raw evil; for it will certainly show up at our door steps. It is written that God is angry with the wicked everyday. However His compassion goes out to these precious sex slaves. May we seek God earnestly and rise to the level of prayerful Intercession, by His Spirit, and receive a heart of compassion for these enslaved souls, for whom Christ died… DR

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