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Starting a simple church can be simple

We may have just helped to start another church.

Sometimes starting a simple church can be just that–simple. We’ve had a wonderful couple from a Hindu background who have part of the church in our home for a while. We’ve prayed with them, baptized them, rejoiced with them at the miracles they’ve seen. When they had a baby, fairly recently, with their jobs and all their other commitments, plus the baby’s sleep schedule, getting to our home on a Friday evening became nearly impossible for them. Tony and I had breakfast and fellowship with them on occasion but they were missing the regular gathering.

A few weeks ago. I was contacted by a young couple who lives near us, asking if I knew of a simple church near them. I invited them to come visit the church that meets in our home. When their baby’s schedule made that impossible, I had a sudden revelation (duh!)

Let’s get these two couples together and see what happens. Both couples were excited at the idea.

So we did just that, 10 days ago, and the six of us had a great time of fellowship–learning about each other’s lives over brunch in one of their homes.

They were all part of a pool party we had on July 4th at our home. (Because July 4th was a Friday, we had a party instead of our normal church. It was BYOB–bring your own BBQ– and everyone was encouraged to bring others. About a third of those who came were friends and family of those in the church).

It’s too early to be sure yet, but I think we may have just laid the foundation of another simple church. Some of you may be thinking, “Just bringing two Christian couples together is starting a church?” Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” It’s the presence of Jesus that makes it “church,” not the size. Now obviously more needs to happen. As they both reach out into their circles of influence, more people will get involved. But is it the basic building block of church? Yes!

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I love it! Three concepts for rapid multiplication…

1. Simple church = a way of doing church that is so simple that any follower of Jesus could say, “I could do that!”

2. “Only that which is simple can multiply rapidly.” (Neil Cole)

3. The 10:2b Prayer (Lk 10:2b). The key to finding “people of peace” whom God has prepared to start a church in their home. (God does the “heavy lifting” and therefore gets the glory.) Sounds like the Lord of the harvest gave you two “houses of peace”.

BTW, Felicity, a couple from Canada just connect with us and will be going through Church 101. They heard about us through Mina Millen’s comments in “The Black Swan”. Thanks!

It’s taken my family and me a couple years of unlearning after a lifetime of involvement in the traditional church system, but we are at the place where this story from Felicity seems completely natural and normal. Of course, this is what we should all be doing, as we are each a priest in the Kingdom of Father God! At the same time, there is value in the institutions that the Lord has used to impact so many of our lives. I think the Dale’s “Small Is Big” does a really good job of emphasizing this partnership that simple and traditional churches can engage in, rather than portraying it as an adversarial relationship. Another helpful book on this topic is D. Michael Henderson’s “The Ladder of Faithfulness”, which focuses on a simple approach at every stage of a believer’s maturity in Christ and discusses how there is no “one size fits all” approach, especially as we mature and become more diverse in our expression of Christ to the world. He made us all unique to minister in unique ways in each of our unique situations! Blessings on each of you as you move further up and further in to the Kingdom!

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