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Bring on the exceptions!

I’m sometimes told that when God uses a woman to lead or to teach, it’s an exception–usually because he cannot find a suitable man. (This gives justification for women on the mission field.) I’ve even had Balaam’s ass cited as an example, as in, if God can use Balaam’s donkey, then he can even use a woman.

So I say, bring on the exceptions!

Bring on Heidi Baker and Anne Graham Lotz, Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer.

Bring on the women in India who start thousands of churches.

Bring on the women in the Middle East who are risking their lives to proclaim the gospel.

Bring on the authors–Rachel Held Evans, Carolyn Custis James, Sarah Bessey and a myriad more.

Bring on the Biblical exceptions–Deborah, Huldah, Esther, Ruth, Mary, Priscilla, Junia and Phoebe.

Lord, let me be an exception too!  Let there be an army of exceptions! (Psalms 68:11 NASB)


Becoming A Soldier of the Caracal Battalion

 Photo Credit: Israel Defense Forces via Compfight cc

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Absolutely! When you are in the US it’s easy to think that it is exceptional that women are in leadership. Take a bus to Mexico or a trip to India, and you see that the missionary army is about 2/3 female, that they are clearing the brush, plowing the ground, sowing the seed, reaping a harvest. And depending on the Spirit, whose empowerment carries more weight than the presence of a human man.

In part this unbalance exists because male seminary graduates compete to pastor churches on the home front; while women, who are often disqualified from pastoral ministry, look elsewhere for a place to serve.

When I look at the missionaries we have on the field, I too think of the Israeli army.

Gary, agreed. I remember Tony and I having a conversation with Yonggi Cho in 1983. One of the memorable things he said was this, “You people in the West will never see the revival you long for until you use your women.” Fast forward 30 years. We in the West haven’t seen the revival we’ve longed for–and we haven’t used our women. Those areas of the world that allow God to use their women like the ones you describe in your comment are seeing what we long for.

Ah, okay, you’re questioning if we should “bring on” a woman with “prosperity” doctrine. I agree that we should not, absolutely, although I don’t think she’s proof that women shouldn’t teach. The vast majority of prosperity preachers of whom I have heard were men.

I agree, there are many male heretics as well. I just wonder why she was included in the list as if she is a sound teacher of the Way. Her’s was the only name I recognized and I strongly question the spiritual condition of those who condone and accept (embrace and follow?) those who preach ‘another gospel’.

Hey Felicity, you should check out this Sunday’s Ibethel message by Kris Valloton. It is right up your alley 🙂

And what was the EXCEPTION under the Old Covenant (Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Esther; and Ruth or Abigail to a lesser extent) is the RULE under the New, by which all of God’s daughters and sons are empowered by the Spirit to be priests in his kingdom.

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